Who is Syed D Jailani


Syed has over 20 years of experience as a top corporate director, Syed is truly gifted in the art of interpersonal relations. His talent for speaking soon turned him into Singapore’s most sought after social intelligence coach for youths and corporate of today.

After going thru many life challenges, Syed feels strongly compelled to share the most valuable lessons he has learned with others.

He has contributed much to organizations and institutions across the region, enthralling audiences with his humorously effervescent personality.

Syed is passionate about helping people navigate life’s meanders with minimal stress and a value-oriented approach to problem-solving.

He is a social worker who volunteered his time to help youths by counseling and motivating them. He has frequently engaged with youths on challenges like; stress, depression, cyber addictions just to name a few.

As a father of three sons, Syed is a dedicated family man who thrives on the love he shares with his wife and sons.

In 2012, he founded The Green Apple Project Pte Ltd and singlehandedly launched it as one of Singapore’s successful company and given a long term partnership with CLF, Community Leadership Fund whose Chairman was Dr Yaacob Ibrahim to engage and outreach YOUTH AT RISK within the community.

In 2013, The Green Apple Project became Singapore fastest rising youth inspiration social enterprise, he managed to turn TGAP from SGD0 to SGD100,000 within the first year of business.

Syed D Jailani was elected to be one of the prestigious Directors for Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce in 2015 just a year after joining the organization, his mission is to help the youth here in Singapore to embrace entrepreneurship.

In 2016, he was a nominee for the Singapore Prestigious Award called Spirit of Enterprise where he received much praise for his work of inspiring others to be better.

He had been selected among many inspiring entrepreneurs to be a Youth Mentor or Career Guidance for NTUC Youth Wing, one of Singapore’s prestigious organization.

An accomplished author of the bestselling book ‘You Can Only Be Better: Secrets on How to Lead a More Fulfilling Life’.

He is also invited by the Chairman, Mr. Hawazi Daipi to be an A3 Advocate for NCADA, The National Council Against Drug Abuse, to help our youths be drug-free.

Featured extensively on mainstream media: Berita Harian, Suria Channel, Channel News Asia, Toggle, and Business Magazine.

He has also been frequently invited to have dialogue sessions with Ministers and MP here in Singapore through various media, namely Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Mr. Masagos, Dr. Maliki, Mr. Tharman, Mdm Halimah Yaacob, Prof Faishal Ibrahim just to name a few.

Syed D Jailani has conducted many talks and seminars successful where participants enjoy his inspirational and humorous talk. He is very engaging and inspires people from his heart.

Syed D Jailani is also a small-time philanthropist who funded some small projects to help the youths to start their projects, to support them.

Syed D Jailani inspire many people all over Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia with his words


I truly believe that in life You Can Only Be Better!,
you can only move forward, mistakes made are just ways for us to learn from them.

As we progress, we can only look forward to being better than who we were yesterday
We are only in competition with ourselves not others.
To others, always be kind, honest, and ready to help when asked.


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What are our Skills?


Social intelligence




Growth mindset


Optimal effectiveness



What they say ?

“i met @syedmab through a youth coaching program and it is very rare to find someone who is very passionate to help those at risk. Eventhough others, or even the youths themselves have given up, Syed will show D JA (i) LAN (i)”
“Syed D’Jailani ialah inspirasi saya, dia adalah seorang pakar motivasi yang terbaik kerana apabila saya didalam rumah kebajikan, saya rasa hidup banyak masalah krew-krew TGAP datang masuk untuk mendengarkan masalah saye dan semenjak itu mereka memberi saye semangat dan cara-cara yang berinspirasi untuk saya tempuh dugaan di dunia yang sementara ini #youcanonlybebetter”
@Mohamed Amirul
“I first met @syedmab when he visited Malaysia later last year, he graciously invited me to his gorgeous suite at the Face KL and bought some of my products. He opened by eyes to the mass of opportunities available in my sector and how my skills would be useful to businesses I never knew needed them. A great motivator and initiator, who gave me the tools to think and dream big. Possibilities are endless.”
“I met @syedmab at a school program at first I thought I won’t even bother talking to him but after some sessions with him I realised he really cares and tries to motivate me he asks me if I’m alright and he inspired me before I met him I always thought there is no more hope I’m useless and all the negativity but after I met him he talked me out of all the negativity and helped me grow.”
I have known @syedmab for almost 6years through a programme in my secondary school. He make me realise the one person that can actually inspire ourself is myself.. like the first letter of Inspire start with letter T. which me. From there onwards, i never stop inspiring myself to be better every each day. I still contact with him if im confuse with what im doing is right wrong. He is the best person for me to seek an advice from.

Achieve Success, Live Better